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Florida Virtual Schools President and CEO Julie Young talks about how to create virtual courses that play to students’ interests while also maintaining academic standards. (Source: Education Week)

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An article in Education Week reveals the growing trend of online learning in U.S. schools. According to a new study, 27 percent of high school students say they were enrolled in at least one online course in 2009, nearly double the 14 percent enrolled in 2008.

Many experts says that students whose parents have taken classes online are more likely to do the same. A study by Blackboard K-12 and Project Tomorrow showed that students are twice as likely to take or explore classes virtually if their parents have done so.

“I think that that’s just a little piece of something bigger that’s going on,” Jessie Woolley-Wilson, Blackboard K-12 president, told Education Week. “The archetypes … are changing. Teachers are students. Students are teachers. And so our notion of a linear learning curve that is completely dictated by your age and by your grade and all this stuff, it all blows up.” Read more.

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Policy experts Paul E. Peterson, Mike Petrilli, and Michael B. Horn discuss virtual learning policy issues that can maximize student achievement in the K-12 classroom.  (Source: Education Sector)

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