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A recent blog posted by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research discussed interesting ways Twitter can be used on the exhibition show floor. The blogger interviewed Ian McGonnigal from the marketing agency George P. Johnson.

Pre-Show and At the Show

McGonnigal mentions that event marketers tend to use digital technologies at the beginning and at the end of show exhibitions to get and maintain audience attention.

He suggests that marketers should take advantage of the time at the beginning and at the end of a show to use micro-blogs like Twitter to keep the audience engaged in show discussions. This will allow the audience to take control of the conversation and determine what direction they want it to go. 

Tweeting will expand the conversations further than the show itself and will draw more interest into what’s happening as the show progresses. Using digital technologies like Twitter and Facebook can also break up the monotony of staring at slides during a long presentation. 


McGonnigal suggests using Twitter as a reinforcement aid. It can be used to keep the audience informed of your products and brand after the show has ended.

 For more information visit: www.ceir.org.

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