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Major changes to state education policies have been recommended by the newly formed Digital Learning Council. Some of the ideas include abolishing seat-time requirements, linking teacher pay to student success, and overhauling public school funding models, Education News reports.

The council–headed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former West Virginia Gov. Bob Wise and includes about 100 leaders across government, education, business, technology, and research–also suggests that, not only should all students have access to digital learning opportunities in the form of online or blended courses, but they should have choices between providers and methods of access.

The recommendations are part of the council’s 10 policy suggestions in a report issued Wednesday for states to use digital learning as a catalyst for education reform.

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According to reports from the Associated Press, the $23 billion payout to save thousands of teaching positions failed yesterday. Some fear that because of upcoming elections, the bill might be dead for good since many politicians do not want to appear to be over spending.

Maureen Dinnen, a retired teacher and school board member in Broward County, FL, told the Associated Press that 800 teacher jobs are in jeopardy there.

“I think to myself, the future of our schools, that’s just as important as the auto industry or the financial interests,” Dinnen told AP. “That’s our lifeblood for the future.”

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The U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee turned down efforts on Thursday to increase funding for the Teacher Incentive Fund by an extra $100 million but approved a bill that will be financing the U.S. Department of Education in fiscal year 2010.

The Teacher Incentive Fund is a teacher-performance-pay program that is currently getting $97 million in funding from the government.  President Obama requested the program receive $487 million for fiscal year 2010. The U.S. House of Representatives approved $445 million of President Obama’s budget for the TIF program. The Senate committee also approved $63.45 billion for the Education Department for fiscal year 2010.

If the extra 100 million had been approved by the senate committee, it would have been paid for through federal State Grants for Improving Teacher Quality program.

Changes to Title I

Title I grants to district were approved for more funding than President Obama first proposed. Senate approved $13.8 billion for Title I grants to districts which is a significant increase compared to the amount President Obama requested, $12.9 billion to be exact.  The program is going to experience a serious cut for this up-coming 2010 fiscal year compared to fiscal 2009. The program received $14.5 billion in 2009.

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