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An article on MSNBC.com entitled “Entrepreneurs Find Profit in Solving Problems” highlights three entrepreneurs who had a dilemma and noticed that others like them had the same problem. These entrepreneurs found a way to solve their problems while making a profit in the process. The article highlights Michael Ziman, the creator of ReadTheWords.com, an educational website that helps auditory learners. According to the article, as a child, Ziman had a hard time learning written information and he was labeled an auditory learner.

During his school days, he would make recordings of his classroom lectures and notes and he would listen to them when studying for tests. The article mentions that he was at a business seminar and realized that other people had the same learning style as he did and that is how he came up with the idea. The article also mentions two other companies who have turned their problems into solutions.

Read the article “Entrepreneurs Find Profit in Solving Problems” and let NSSEA know your thoughts.

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