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An article in Reuters reports that U.S. retailers are expected to post positive October sales numbers this week. The positive numbers are a welcomed change from the numbers reported in October 2008, after the financial market collapsed and numbers fell 4.1 percent. Well-known retailers are also expected to post positive sales numbers.

According the article, many of the top-retail chains will report same-store sales results on Thursday. The overall retail industry is expected to report an overall 1.2 percent rise in sales this month. Retailers are also hopeful that consumers will spend more money in stores and stimulate the economy even further.

Read the article “Good October Retail Sales Numbers Predicted” and let NSSEA know your thoughts!

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MSNBC.com featured a video on October 16, 2009 about a new study showing that many businesses are optimistic about the retail industry, but others wonder whether that optimism will last throughout the holiday season.

According to the video, Morgan Stanley sees signs of “sustained modest growth” and Deloitte is predicting a pick up in spending based on an increase in consumer clash flow because of things like a lower tax burden and a decline in the unemployment rate.

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