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The MDRC recently released a new policy brief about Reading First and its effectiveness in education.  The findings suggest that Reading First has been effective in some cases. The Institute of Education Sciences at the Department of Education published research about Reading First in 2008. Many interpreted the findings from the IES to mean that Reading First didn’t work but the MDRC’s analysis reveals that Reading First produced improvement in schools that tended to be in higher-poverty areas and Reading First also produced improvement in schools where it created larger amounts in instructional practice.

 The findings also show that Reading First increased professional development for teachers, and offered reading coaches for those who are struggling to read. MDRC’s analysis also concluded that Reading First influenced teaching practice, matching it up with scientifically based research. IES findings concluded that many teachers who are not funded by Reading First still spent their class time focusing on similar scientifically based  reading instruction.

Read more: http://www.mdrc.org/publications/518/overview.html

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