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The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) recently released a report about technology in public schools. Conducted in 2008, the surveys collected data on the availability of technology in school districts and the use for a range of educational technology resources; for example, computer software, and other devices that enhance the capabilities of computers for instruction in districts and school networks. The NCES also collected data on educational technology leadership and staff support within districts and schools.

 The report focuses on these 10 specific topics:

  1. Number of schools in the district with a local area network connecting computers within the school;
  2. District networks connecting schools to the district and the number of schools with each type of district network connection;
  3. Types of connections from districts to Internet service providers and backup connections to the Internet;
  4. Formal computer replacement plans, asset recovery programs (i.e., third-party disposal services) for computers, and treatment of older computers that can no longer serve their original purposes;
  5. Types of technology resources that districts offer to elementary and secondary teachers and students;
  6. Written policies on acceptable student use of various technologies;
  7. Types of student data kept in an electronic data system;
  8. Employment of an individual responsible for educational technology leadership;
  9. Teacher professional development offered or required by districts in various educational technology topics; and
  10. Opinions of district respondents about statements related to the use of educational technology in the instructional program in the district.

The report concludes that 83 percent of those surveyed agreed that teachers are interested in using technology in classroom instruction, while 58 percent agreed that teachers are sufficiently trained to integrate technology into classroom instruction. When asked about the use of educational technology funding, 42 percent of respondents thought that funding for educational technology is adequate and 83 percent agreed that funding for educational technology is being spent in the most appropriate ways.

Take a look at the report “Educational Technology in Public School Districts: Fall 2008,” and let NSSEA know your thoughts!

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