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Is there a difference between leading companies and companies that lead? Well, Simon Sinek author of “Start With Why,” thinks there is quite a bit of a difference between the two. MSNBC.com interviewed Sinek about the release of his new book “Start With Why” that discusses how great leaders inspire everyone to take action. In the video, the author mentions that entrepreneurs are better equipped to lead than any other group.

What’s the difference between leading companies and companies that lead? According to Sinek, leading companies focus on the market share and have the title of being number one in the industry. He mentions that leading companies forget that profit is more important in the long run. He gives the example of General Motors (GM) as being a leading company because it sells the most cars in its industry. On the other hand, companies that lead set the pace or direction for the entire industry and are the ones other companies follow. Sinek gives Apple Inc. as an example of a company that leads because it sets the direction and the tone in which everyone follows.

The author suggests that companies that want to lead should keep three points in mind: 1) Companies need to have a clarity of their purpose, cause, beliefs and why their company was founded. To find out the other remaining points, watch the video and let NSSEA know your thoughts!

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