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For those small business owners who have iphones, here is a great article by BusinessWeek’s Bill Snyder entitled, “Must Have iPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs.” There are over 85,000 iPhone applications and sifting through all 85,000 may be somewhat changeling, so Snyder points out 10 helpful iPhone applications that many small business owners can benefit from using. Snyder mentions that these applications are designed to solve specific small business problems and that they are inexpensive and easy to use.

Here are the author’s top 3 must-have iPhone applications for small business owners:

1) Credit Card Terminal: This application processes credit-card sales on the spot without any extra hardware.

2) Jotnot: Use this application to take a picture of any document, whiteboard, or receipt, use the built-in cropper, and store the image with your other photos and/or attach it to an e-mail. It turns your iPhone into a mini-scanner.

3) Roambi: Allows you to produce colorful spreadsheets, graphs and reports that are compact and easy to read on a small screen.

The remaining seven applications on his list include: Pc2me, Harvest, Package Tracker, Smarter Agent, Quick Office, Nexonia, and Salesforce.com.

What do you think about these iPhone applications? Can they be of any help to your growing business? For more information about these applications, visit: http://www.apple.com/downloads/ and let NSSEA know your thoughts!

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