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A recent Businessweek.com article entitled “How Small Business Can Fight Internet Hackers” advises small business owners to be aware and prepare their businesses for Internet hackers.

Small business owners should be aware that Internet hackers are able to take over email accounts, to kick company employees off of central servers, bump sale machines connected to central servers off-line and more. The article mentions that a Connecticut research company estimates that in 2008 about 25 percent of all small businesses suffered a hacker attack. This number is up from almost 10 percent in 2003.

The article highlights Nanette Lepore, a company that experienced all of the inconveniences stated earlier. The hackers used a series of computers to bombard Nanette Lepore’s central server with ridiculous requests for information and making it nearly impossible for valid ones to get through. Nanette Lepore’s Internet service provider eventually traced the attack to hackers in Asia. The attack could have been much worse, but the owners of the $150 million-dollar company were prepared.

The article suggests ways small businesses can prepare themselves for a potential hacker attack They include:

  • Making sure software is up-to-date
  • Banishing passwords that can be easily guessed
  • Using packages that include anti-virus and anti-malware abilities, intrusion detection systems, sniffers for virus-infected emails and packages with applications that create “white-lists,” a.k.a. “safe-Websites” and
  • Not using traditional firewalls, but using newer multi-functional firewalls which uses hardware and or software

The article also discusses that small business owners should be on the look out for odd HTML coding when posting content on blog sites. Leon Baranovsky, president of TeamUp! Tutors, talked with Businessweek.com about how his blog post about new ways teachers are using technology in modern educational settings was hacked. Baranovsky found an unusual piece of HTML coding within his blog and copied and pasted it into Google.com and discovered that particular coding to be evidence of a hack attack.

Is your company prepared for an Internet-hacker attack? Read the article, “How Small Business Can Fight Internet Hackers” and let NSSEA know your thoughts!

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