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Craig Barrett, chairman of Irish Technology Leadership Group, talks about the U.S. educational system, corporate outsourcing and tax rates. Barrett, the former chief executive officer of Intel Corp., speaks with Margaret Brennan on Bloomberg Television’s “InBusiness.”  (Source: Bloomberg)

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Harvard University economist John Friedman says the impact of increasing kindergarten teacher experience looks really big for students long-term success. His findings are based off of a new study.

“Kindergarten interventions matter a great deal for long-term outcomes,” said Friedman. “For instance, being in a smaller class for two years increases the probability of attending college by 2 percent.”

In addition, students who learn more in kindergarten are less likely to become single parents, more likely to own a home by age 28 and more likely to save for retirement earlier in their work lives.

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(Source: National Science Foundation)

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According to the Pew Center on the States’ Pre-K Now report, “Votes Count: Legislative Action for Pre-K Fiscal Year 2010,” state funding for pre-k is expected to see a national increase by one percent or $5.13 million. The increase is slated to occur Fiscal Year 2010, even though many states have been battling with declining revenues.

The report shows that 27 out of the 38 states that have pre-existing programs have either increased or maintained early education funding for their 2010 budgets. The District of Columbia has also seen an increase and states such as Rhode Island and Alaska have begun pre-k pilot programs this year.  

 The report also points out that 10 states have reduced funding state-based pre-k programs and 10 more states do not have any early education programs set in place, but despite budget shortfalls, many states are making an effort to increase early education funding.

For more information about the Pew Center on the States’ Pre-K Now report, visit: http://www.preknow.org/ and let NSSEA know what you think!

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This week’s link of the week comes from Business Week’s Chief Economy Blogger Michael Mandel. In his blog entitled “Early Childhood Investment and The Private Sector,” Mandel comments about the idea of getting the private sector to invest in desirable social goods like Early Childhood Education. As NSSEA members, how do you feel about the private sector investing in Early Childhood Education?

Early Childhood Investment and the Private Sector
By: Michael Mandel

When I was out in Telluride this week at the Economic Summit on Early Childhood Investment(no, please don’t show me any sympathy), I heard a very interesting talk from Congressman Jared Polis. Polis, with a long history as an entrepreneur and an education supporter, was discussing ways to get the private sector to invest in desirable social goods, such as early childhood education. Read more:

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