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BusinessWeek’s November 10, 2009 tip for the day focused on staying committed to being loyal to the “customer experience.” “Be Loyal to the ‘Customer Experience’” by Stuart Kiefer suggests that small businesses create solid competitive advantages by improving the customer experience and not just focusing on streamlining and improving efficiencies.

The article also mentions that small business owners feel that they are unable to compete with their larger competitors and so, Kiefer suggests implementing loyal solutions. Implementing loyal solutions can help you track customer information such as: where and how customers are spending their money and implementing loyal solutions is a great marketing tactic for small business owners.

The article also gives small business owners some suggestions on how to implement and enhance loyalty programs through real life applications and strategies. These include:

1)Rewarding loyal customers with instant discounts at the point of sale.
2)Tracking the spending behavior of your customers to ensure you always have what they need when they need it.
3)Offering a wide range of promotions with the right mix.
4)Communicating with customers via relevant messages, using the communication vehicles they want.
5)Providing an additional way to communicate with customers by creating a reward program site filled with special coupons, frequency discounts, and more.

Read the article, “Be Loyal to the ‘Customer Experience”’and let NSSEA know your thoughts!

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