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According to a new report by the Center of Education Policy (CEP), the achievement gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students on standardized state tests is continuing to narrow. Since the 1990’s, the narrowing trend increased at a faster pace within the last decade.

The report is a multi-year study of student achievement and analyzes data collected between 2002 through 2008, using different test data from all 50 states. The report focuses on the achievement gap between white and minority students and low-income students and their peers.

The report begins by using grade four state test results at three different achievement levels. The levels include: basic-and-above, proficient-and-above and advanced. CEP analyzes data of students from different racial and ethnic groups and low income students to see if they made any improvement in any of the three achievement levels and what specific subgroups are lagging behind.

In the study, CEP also looks at the achievement gap between elementary, middle and high school grades and whether or not the gap is narrowing, widening, or staying the same since 2002. They also study the gaps between subgroups with students scoring at or above the proficient level and the gaps between students whose test scores were average.

We enjoy hearing your opinion, so let NSSEA know your thoughts about these new findings and to view the full report by the Center of Education Policy, visit: http://www.cepdc.org/document/docWindow.cfm?fuseaction=document.viewDocument&documentid=292&documentFormatId=4388.

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