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Bullying in Schools

Bullying is a huge problem in many schools around the country. But not all states have laws that specifically ban it, leaving it to the schools to devise measures to handle it. In August, legislation aimed at banning bullying in New York public schools reached the State Senate. While admirable, this was certainly not a groundbreaking move; many other states, including Florida, Iowa and New Jersey have implemented anti-bullying laws.


Although New York’s anti-bullying bill has yet to pass, the state has passed measures to curtail bullying in its public schools. Chancellor’s Regulation, A-832—a new regulation adopted by New York public schools—is meant to not only deter bullying but confront it more effectively when it is evident. The regulation addresses harassment based on race, gender, religion and many other factors.


Clearly, we are in a technological age, and bullying can much more easily escape school grounds with the aid of social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, which at times, perpetuate cyber-bullying. For this reason it is crucial that all schools adopt measures to effectively combat bullying in all its forms.


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